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Petie Clericuzio was a member of the Clericuzio crime family and the second son of Domenico Clericuzio.


Involved in the family business from a young age, Petie was a combatant in the Santadio war, and took part in the massacre at the Santadio compound where Jimmy Santadio was murdered. After the war, at the age of twenty six, his father made him Mayor of the Bronx Enclave, succeeding his cousin Joseph, who had been dispatched to Las Vegas.

Mayor of the Bronx

In his new position, Petie became responsible for maintaining the family construction empire, constructing and repairing skyscrapers, paving the streets and building police barracks, as well as supplying the soldiers for the family. He also served as a bodyguard from time to time for David Redfellow during his drug deals, and serving in this position after Redfellow ceased to become involved in the drugs trade at the Don's behest. He also had a son named Thomas.


Petie shortly before his death.

"Now get outta here, stop hassling me, or you're gonna end up in cement shoes."
―Petie Clericuzio[src]

In 1998, he was summoned to a shipyard for negotiations over a deal. This was actually a pretense, and Petie was murdered by having a shipping container dropped on his head, shortly before his brother Vincent's assassination by men working to bring down the family from within.

Personality and traits

The most cheerful and affable of the Don's sons, and particularly good with children, Petie remained an efficient enforcer who was a throwback to the Sicilian Clericuzios of old, a true, cold-blooded assassin. With his own family, he was known to be close to his nephew Dante, having gotten him his first job, though he grew cautious of him as Dante began to show a crueller and more violent streak.

Behind the scenes

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