"My only son Paulie, he's not in this business, he's a teacher. Such a good boy."

Paulie Borgetto was the only son of Don Borgetto.


Paulie was not involved in his family's business, but was a teacher in Philadelphia instead, something which greatly pleased his father. He was also known to go to Church every week to light a candle for his late mother, and often helped at parish activities, becoming popular with parishioners due to his pancakes at the breakfasts for the homeless.

In 1998, Billy De Angelo convinced Cross De Lena to have Paulie murdered as revenge for the deaths of Athena Aquitane, Petie Clericuzio and Don Rossario, all of which had supposedly been orchestrated by Paulie's father. Paulie was stabbed to death one night shortly after praying at church by Lia Vazzi, who was disguised as a nun.

Behind the scenes

He was portrayed by Evan Sabba in The Last Don II.

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