Paul 'Fat Paulie' Fortunato was the Don of the Barzini family during the 1950s to 1970's.[2]


Paulie Fortunato was a caporegime in the Barzini family who succeeded Emilio Barzini after his death at the hands of Al Neri.

He supported the move to distribute heroin and was a friend of Osvaldo Altobello. He was considered the closest thing the Corleones had to an enemy after the Five Families War[2].

Relationship with the Corleones

He was one of the people that did not support the Corleones creating a separate regime for the drug money, and never liked Michael Corleone or any of his family members. He also had strong ties to several Dons and crime figures hostile to the Corleone family, such as Vincent Forlenza, Louie Russo and Hyman Roth. He was also a strong supporter of the business deals in Cuba.

However, in 1963, Fortunato became more akin to an ally of the family and supported Michael Corleone against Carlo Tramonti's bid to assassinate President James Shea, and defended Michael against Tramonti's claim that Michael had murdered Mark McCluskey in 1946[3].

In 1979, he was killed in the Atlantic City Massacre.

Behind the scenes

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