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Oscar Zavarelle was the Stracci family's senior caporegime.


A close friend of Salvatore Stracci, Oscar Zavarelle was known as a sleazy thug who had a weakness for young girls. Despite these vices, he was known as a competent executioner who could also charm his way past racket bosses and merchants. He was known to have a fierce hatred of the Corleone family's hitman, Angelo Granelli.


"You shouldn't have touched the girl, Oscar! Now I'm gonna rip you apart piece by fucking piece."
―Aldo Trapani[src]

Despite numerous attempts to bring down his rival, Zavarelle failed, and instead found revenge by viciously assaulting Granelli's sister. This act cost him his life, as Zavarelle was brutally executed by Aldo Trapani in the sewers of Hell's Kitchen after he was ratted out by one of his own, underpaid bodyguards.

Hit Detail

Zavarelle's hit bonus is a bit tricky as you will need to start over if you accidentally shot a wrong spot and with his health depleting each time he got hit, it makes the hit a bit more difficult not to mention his number of guards with even stronger AI.

In the original, Oscar Zavarelle is fought in a back alley while in later version he is fought in a sewer which has several pathways, making it an ideal ambush spot for his guards.

Players (Trojan Hit 3):

Oscar Zavarelle - A sleazy, smarmy fellow with a penchant for fanciful clothing, Zavarelle may find young girls an easy target, but this pervert won't last long once he faces you down. Make sure his death is as painful as possible.

(director's cut)

A sleazy thug with a penchant for blending in with the scenery, Zavarelle may find young girls an easy target, but this pervert won't last long once he faces you down. Make sure his death is as excruciating as possible.

Oscar Zavarelle's Victim - Zavarelle's smooth talking allows him to drag defenseless "good-time girls" off the streets or bars and into dark alleys. This is one of those victims; make sure she doesn't talk.

Behind the scenes

He was voiced by Joe Paulino.

Difference between versions

  • In the original version of the game, Zavarelle has the same model as Luigi Fusco. The official strategy guide describes the original Fusco as a smooth but crooked womanizer, whilst the latter's model is "a sleazy thug". In addition, the alleyways where Zavarelle was fought in the original version is used to fight Fusco in later versions.
  • The family tree picture gives him the character model for Noodles Rizzoni.