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Ollorto was a Prince of Sicily.


A member of Sicilian royalty, Ollorto was considered a fair but firm hand. He paid protection money to Don Croce Malo to keep his affairs in order, and had a non interference policy concerning the Sicilian Mafia. Malo also became godfather to his second son, the first having the honor of being godchild to the former King of Sicily himself.

In 1948 he was kidnapped by Salvatore Giuliano, though treated with courtesy and respect. His ransom was paid for by Don Malo. Later, Giuliano used the Prince's estate to some six chiefs of the Mafia together, as they desired to lease land from him. Ollorto was not present, and the Dons were executed by Giuliano's men.

Personality and traits

A well-loved member of the nobility, Ollorto was a man of good taste without falling into the trap of decadence. He was diabetic, and had to take insulin medicine daily.

Behind the scenes

In the film adaptation, he was named Sandro Borsa.

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