O'Donnell Mob
In: Chicago
Founded by: Patrick O'Donnell
Years active: 1920s-1948
Territory: Various neighborhoods in New York City
Ethnicity: Irish-American, Italian-American, Irish, Italian
Criminal activities: Racketeering, illegal gambling, prostitution, arms trafficking, murder, fencing, extortion, assault, smuggling, bribery and narcotics
Allies: Chicago Outfit and Cuneo crime family
Rivals: Stracci, Corleone and Barzini crime families

The O'Donnell Mob was an organized crime gang founded by Patrick O'Donnell in Chicago and moved to NYC in 1948.

It's not clear if was an independent organization or a part of the Chicago Outfit, although it may be likely since the Outfit has several high-ranking members that are non-Italians.


During the Five Families War, the Chicago mob noted the weakening of the Five Families, and began to move to New York City in 1947-1948 in order to take over their rackets and activities. One of these mobsters was Patrick O'Donnell, a brutal and sly Irish boss, supported by the Scaleri brothers, Ray and James, employed as main muscle.

With a lot of hitmen supporting them, the O'Donnell gang was established in Midtown Manhattan, which resulted in a turf war with the Stracci family.

In early 1948, the corrupt Police sergeant Chris Ferriera, fearing another war, employed Aldo Trapani for a hit on Patrick O'Donnell in his suite in the Crest View Hotel. In the assault, numerous Irish enforcers were killed as well as the Barzini enforcers that defended the gambling hall of Midtown Suites. However, O'Donnell was thrown off the balcony of his suite and the mission was a success.

Some time later, Ferriera summoned Trapani for a hit on the Scaleri brothers. Trapani blew up their truck and they died together. After the murder of its prominent members, the Chicago mob ended its run for the control of Manhattan, and the O'Donnell gang was probably defunct.


In the video game

The O'Donnell mob only appears in the first game's expansion and not mentioned in the original version. They also only appears as hit targets provided by Chris Ferriera and only appears within the hit missions, thus they are the only one that doesn't give any vendetta level to the player. Their crest is a purple colored shield with capital letter "P" which stands for their Don's name Patrick and the only rival who's crest is based on a first name instead of family name. They are stronger than Barzini but they are weaker than Corleone. also they are only one haven't got a any racket.


The O'Donnel Mob is probably based on the real North Side Gang and the Westies.

As the North Side Gang was a Irish crime organization based in Chicago, that ended in 1930s. Also the Westies was the only independent Irish organization in NYC, rivals of the Genovese family, that also inspired the Corleone family.

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