Nicodemo 'Butchie' Molinari was the younger brother of Anthony Molinari, the Don of San Francisco and elder brother of Dino.


Becoming a close collaborator to his brother when the Molinari family was formed in the 1930s, Nicodemo became known in mob circles as 'Butchie'. He was in charge of the hotels and casinos that the family owned in Las Vegas.


After Anthony died in a plane crash that also claimed the life of Los Angeles Don, Frank Falcone, Nicodemo became the new Don, and (after coersion from Michael Corleone) publicly accepted that he believed the crash was an accident, unaware that Corleone had arranged the crash in order to wipe out his foes in the West. Privately, Nicodemo believed that Louie Russo was responsible. He maintained excellent relations with the Corleones.

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