"That was really something. Did you see that guy drive off the pier? Christ! He was swimming like Johnny Weismuller!"
Nico Angelopoulos[src]

Nico Angelopoulos was a Greek member of Sonny Corleone's gang.


A procurer of weapons, he helped provide Sonny and his gang with the weapons they needed to hold up their victims, often taking them from Vinnie Suits in Brooklyn. He was particularly close friends with Sonny due to his good nature and intelligence.

When his father lost his job, Nico began providing for his family with the takings from the heists. Feeling sympathy for the family, Vito Corleone found Nico a good job as a dock worker. He soon after began seeing a girl named Anastasia, who he later married. Nico Informs Sonny that Bobby Corcoran accidentally shot his father and was intending to shoot Stevie Dwyer however Sonny kills Corcoran anyway.

Personality and traits

Often jokingly teased about his heritage, Nico was nonetheless a good friend with the rest of the gang and was also practical minded, explaining why he could not test fire several tommy guns they had found due to the noise. He was often called handsome, being compared to Tyrone Power, something which helped him in his relationship with Gloria Sullivan. He was also fiscally responsible, not frittering his money away like his fellows did.

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