Nicholas Klaus
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Died 1956
Affiliation Cuneo
Title(s) Associate
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Rod Gnapp (voice)
"I'll skin you and make a neck tie from your hide!"
―Nicholas Klaus[src]

Nicholas Klaus was a Cuneo family associate.


Nicholas Klaus was a German-American business partner for the Cuneos. He was known for brutal tactics, heavy drinks, and eagle-eyed bodyguards. His guards could spot a gun being carried from a mile away.

At a house party at his residence, Corleone member Aldo Trapani killed almost all the guests and guards at the party and strangled Klaus to death with his bare hands. The execution was sanctioned by Rocco Lampone, who had been assigned to help eliminate key members of the rival families at the start of the Five Families War.

Players (Rocco Lampone Hit 4): Edit

Nicolas Klaus - The parties Nicolas throws are as notorious as his penchant for brutal ends to confrontations, and past assassination attempts have taught him to keep an eye out for firearms. He is currently enjoying himself at a well-known Cuneo hangout.


  • The hit performed on Nicholas Klaus is only available on the next gen version of the game and similar with Jack Fontana's on old gen. His character model is the same as Fontana's from these versions of the game. Both of them are voiced by Rod Gnapp.
  • He shares the same character model as many friendly citizens have in Midtown.
  • Despise being an associate, if the player looks the rank above his health bar he can see that Klaus is underboss, it is possibly a mistake or a common glitch.
  • Klaus along with Luciano Fabbri, Mario DeBellis and Big Bobby Toro are the only hit targets that or not hostile to the player and will not attack him unless the player becomes hostile or pulls out a weapon.
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