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This article is about the enforcer of Don Ciccio. You may be looking for Mosca of Montelepre.

"Let no one give help to the boy Vito Andolini... Don Ciccio will thank you for it!"

Mosca was a bodyguard of Don Ciccio, who operated with his friend Strollo.


"Our friend promises misery to any family who harbors the boy Vito Andolini."

Mosca operated with his friend Strollo, a fellow Sicilian from Corleone. In 1901, Mosca was one of the men who executed Antonio Andolini for an insult against his Don and later killed Paolo Andolini during his father's funeral, after he swore a vendetta on Don Ciccio. Mosca later killed Signora Andolini when she held a knife to Don Ciccio's throat, allowing her son to escape.

The two men then walked through the village, promising a reward to anyone who turned over Vito Andolini to Don Ciccio. Vito escaped despite this incident.


"Don Ciccio will thank you for it!"
Vito Corleone before stabbing Mosca.[src]

Many years later, Mosca retired and became a farmer. One day in 1922, whilst asleep under a mosquito net, he had his throat cut by the now adult Vito Corleone, who then proceeded to execute Strollo and then Don Ciccio himself for the death of his family years ago.