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The Molinari crime family was a criminal organization in San Francisco and was founded by Anthony Molinari. The family was allied with the Falcone family from Los Angeles. They were specialised in smuggling dope across the borders, as well as operating from San Francisco's waterfront. They were also the pre-eminent family in the field of sports gambling.

Molinari family structure (1930s-1955)

 Don Anthony Molinari 

 Underboss Nicodemo Molinari

 Consigliere Dino Molinari

 Caporegime Unknown

 Soldato Lefty Mancuso

Molinari family structure (1955-19??)

 Don Nicodemo Molinari 

 Underboss Dino Molinari

 Consigliere Unknown

 Caporegime Unknown

 Soldato Unknown