Mike DiMeo was the Don of New Jersey's DiMeo crime family.


When the Commission was formed in 1934, DiMeo agreed to coexist with the Five Families due to his close proximity to their operations.

Behind the scenes

In The Family Corleone Mike DiMeo is introduced as the Don of New Jersey, while in the original novel Anthony Stracci is from New Jersey.

In The Godfather, there is a Don sitting next to Don Vito Corleone during the 1948 Commision meeting, this could possibly be DiMeo, the man is seen eating a meal and dressed in a white suit, looking like he's in his 50's.

Mike DiMeo's possible appearance in The Godfather.


  • The name DiMeo is a reference to the New Jersey based family from The Sopranos. However, it is not likely to be a direct tie-in because The Godfather movies exist in the universe of The Sopranos and are often watched and cited by its characters.
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