Michael Rizzi
Biographical Information
Aliases Little Mike
Gender Male
Born 1955
Affiliation Corleone family

Michael Francis Rizzi was the younger son of Connie Corleone and Carlo Rizzi and the younger brother of Victor Rizzi. He was named after his uncle and godfather, Michael Corleone.

He was called "Little Mike" by his family to distinguish between him from his uncle.[1][2]


During Michael Francis' baptism, Michael Corleone had ordered the deaths of his enemies, Moe Greene, Emilio Barzini, Philip Tattaglia, Victor Stracci and Carmine Cuneo. After the baptism, his father Carlo was garotted to death by Peter Clemenza on Michael Corleone's orders.[3] Michael Francis moved with the family to Nevada. Michael Francis and Victor lived with their uncle Michael for a few years until their mother Connie returned to raise them after forgiving Michael for Carlo's death.[4]

He never went into the family business.

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References Edit

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