"Give me a reason why I shouden't kill you!"
"You're the best Corleones could send?
Aldo Trapani and Costa[src]

Michael Costa was a caporegime in the Stracci and Cuneo family. He had a small but surprisingly powerful army of bodyguards.


The 'safety-valve' caporegime for the Straccis, Michael Costa was the head of the family smuggling racket out of the railyards in New Jersey, smuggling arms to use against the Corleone family during the Five Families War.

In order to halt his schemes, Rocco Lampone ordered Aldo Trapani to kill Costa in a hit-and-run at his hangout at the train yards. Costa was run over by Trapani's automobile, although he was guarded by several men.

Players (Rocco Lampone Hit 2):

Michael Costa - A lunatic with a strong smuggling racket, Michael Costa has been left to gun-run against the Corleones for too long. He, and his henchmen, need to be stamped on (actually, driven over) fast.

Behind the scenes

  • He was voiced by Bruce Robertson.
  • Costa is unique to the later versions of the game. In the original version of The Godfather: The Game his hit is identical to that of Mario DeBellis of the Cuneos.
  • Also in conversation with Rocco, Rocco tells you that Costa is Stracci, but on the hit list it says that he is a Cuneo. It is possible that it there was a mistake on the hit list. It is possible Michael serves both families.


  • He shares the same character model as many citizens do in Hell's Kitchen.

Notes and references

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