"She's a female Road Warrior. It's MTV, come on, kids'll be lining up around the block; I can see the music video right now, I can see the money rolling in."
―Skippy Deere

Messalina was a film produced by Loddstone Studios, directed by Dita Tommey and written by Claudia De Lena. It told the story of the eponymous wife of Emperor Claudius, and was described as something of a triumph for feminism, modernised in order to bring in a wider audience and described by Bobby Bantz as a potential "new Rob Roy, a female Braveheart.". It was notably the last film produced by the studio before the death of Eli Marrion.


The film became notorious for its troubled production, as leading actress Athena Aquitane found herself threatened by her estranged husband Boz Skannet, who had thrown water over her at a premiere, promising that the next time, it would be acid. Athena withdrew from production, threatening to cost the company millions. Desperate, Claudia called in her brother Cross. Cross, after a failed attempt to reason with Skannet, had him murdered in return for a percentage of the gross. Loddstone's chief executive, Bobby Bantz attempted to cheat him out of the deal, but after he was caught with an underage girl, Bantz was forced to give Cross what he wanted, not realising this had been masterminded by his friend David Redfellow.

The film eventually opened and was a smash hit, though producer Eli Marrion died before the premiere. The cast party after filming wrapped was where Cross and Lia Vazzi killed Jim Losey and Dante Clericuzio.

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