"Connie, if you don't listen to me and marry this man... you'll disappoint me."
―Michael Corleone[src]

Merle Johnson was one of Connie Corleone's flings during her wild years.


Following the death of her husband Carlo Rizzi and the dissolving of her marriage to Ed Federici, Connie had a series meaningless affairs and flings, mainly to spite her brother, Michael for Carlo's murder. Merle Johnson was one of these men. After an incredibly brief relationship, the two decided to get married, before booking passage on the Queen, for which they would need Michael's financial support.

Upon arrival at the Lake Tahoe compound, Merle and Connie went to see Michael, who voiced his firm disapproval of their marriage. Mama Corleone didn't think much of Merle either; while the family was eating dinner together that night, she disdainfully told Tom Hagen in Sicilian that Merle and Fredo's wife, Deanna Dunn, were "perfect for each other". Eventually, Connie called the marriage off.


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