"We wash our money clean, in the holy water of..."
―Matty Parisi[src]

Matty Parisi was the boss of the Tramonti crime family.


Matty Parisi escapes the Atlantic City bloodbath.

Parisi had a seat on the Commission following Tramonti's death and the brief reign of his brother Agostino. He was one of the Dons who were killed by Joey Zasa's helicopter attack in 1979, shortly after they had become very wealthy from having their shares in Michael Corleone's casinos sold.

During the attack Parisi was severely injured, but managed to escape the Palazzo Azzurro with the help of his bodyguard. However, he succumbed to his injuries in a hospital.

Behind the scenes

The screenplay of The Godfather Part III states that Matty Parisi controlled the southern states, indicating that he was a successor of Carlo Tramonti, who was the Don of the southern United States in Mario Puzo's original novel.

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