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Masino Croce was the capo di tutti capi in Sicily in the 1940s and early 1950s.


Don Masino Croce was born in the village of Villalba, Sicily and was a boy with the future Duke of Crotone. He sprang from a religious family who groomed him for priesthood in the Holy Catholic Church. When Masino did not rise to the calling, his brother Benjamino was sent his stead, later becoming secretary to the Cardinal of Palermo. Masino later moved to Palermo and rose to become the capo dei capi of the Friends of the Friends.


He fathered one son, who studied etymology in Brazil and had no desire to follow the family business. As such he was disinherited by his father. He also had an ambitious sister, who sought for her son to become a surgeon like herself. Don Croce went to Palermo university for assistance. Doctor Nattore insisted that the boy could never become a surgeon due to his fear of blood, whilst Hector Adonis, Don Croce's old friend, suggested a compromise, training the young man to be a Doctor of medicine. Don Croce agreed, and Nattore fled the country, fearing for his life after crossing the great Don.

Croce and Giuliano

Don Croce discusses Giuliano with Hector Adonis.

In the late Forties, Hector Adonis introduced Don Croce to Salvatore Giuliano. Lacking a son worthy of inheriting his business, Croce sought to make him his heir. After Giuliano robbed the estate of Prince Borsa and seized the Duchess of Crotone's jewels, Don Croce had them returned through his friend Adonis.

Personality and traits

A charismatic man, Masino Croce had managed by the Nineteen Forties to become the most powerful figure in Sicily. As such though, he became extremely paranoid, and had food tasters check his every meal for poison. He took personal slights very seriously, though he also had a sense of humor, and appreciated those who stood up to him such as Giuliano and the Duchess. In his youth, he attended tea dances and later became quite a skilled dancer.

Behind the scenes


  • In Italian, Masino is a diminutive of Tommaso.

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