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"I raised my daughter in the American fashion. I gave her freedom - but taught her never to dishonour her family."
―Amerigo Bonasera[src]

Maria Bonasera was the daughter of Amerigo Bonasera.


Bonasera's only child and the goddaughter of Carmela Corleone, she was raised in the 'American fashion', given freedom, yet also taught never to dishonour her family. As she got older, Maria began to stay out late, and worry her father by hanging around with the loutish Kevin Moonan. Bonasera did not protest, which she later regretted, as one night, Moonan took her out with his friend Jerry Wagner, got Maria drunk and tried to rape her. Maria resisted, and she was instead beaten, receiving numerous injuries including a broken jaw. Devastated, Amergio took his case to Don Corleone.

Corleone sent his hired men, led by Paulie Gatto, to deal with Moonan and Wagner, who were beaten within an inch of their lives and thrown in to open graves. Following this revenge, Maria was sent to live with her aunt in Boston, where she could recuperate and forget the blows that had been dealt to her. Eventually she married a young man who took over her father's business.

Personality and traits

Maria was a warm hearted girl with a free spirit, who generally accepted her father’s decisions, particularly as he had given her freedom to a great extent. The only time they clashed was to her great regret, in dating Kevin Moonan, which resulted in her being beaten. On this occasion she was weakened with alcohol but still retained the strength to resist her attackers and avoid their attempt to rape her.

In the video game

In The Godfather: The Game, Maria briefly appears during a cutscene of the mission "A Grave Situation". Kevin Moonan and Jerry Wagner can be encountered threatening her outside her funeral parlor.

Only Moonan needs to be beaten up during the mission. He is thrown into an open grave and knocked out after being hit by a shovel. Wagner on the other hand can be beaten up or allowed to flee.