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"Ha, I'll show you what I've learned from the gym."
―Marco to Aldo[src]

Marco Cuneo was the son of Don Carmine Cuneo and the Cuneo family's underboss until 1955.


He was known to be good friends with the members of the justice system and was officially not part of his family's business, something Michael Corleone tried to achieve in his family as well. He was seen as a well respected businessman, which helped him gain influence behind the scenes. In this respect, he was similar to his father Carmine/Phillip, who was one of the few Dons who had never been arrested or even suspected of criminal activities.

Unofficially however, he was a violent and effective enforcer in the mafia. He had been responsible for ordering the deaths of many Corleone family enforcers and soldatos during the Five Families War, which led inadvertently to the destruction of one of the Cuneo's racket chains by Sonny Corleone.


"It's a shame I have to kill you Marco, you were a real pillar of the community.
You wanna fuck with me? Is that it?
―Aldo Trapani and Marco Cuneo[src]

After the family consigliere, Luciano Fabbri/Edwin Smoth, had been killed a day before, Marco took revenge by eliminating several Corleone soldiers and was preparing for another onslaught when his heavily-fortified position in Hell's Kitchen was hit by Aldo Trapani.

Trapani was under orders from Fatty Pete Clemenza, who ordered that Marco's death be made to look like an accident. Trapani obliged, shooting Marco to wound him and then flinging Marco into the nearby railyard where he fell down to his demise. The authorities classed Marco's demise as an accident due to Trapani's bribery, and all witnesses were either silenced or killed just like Marco.

Behind the scenes

  • He was voiced by Gavin Hammon.
  • He has the same character model as Mikey Saleri.
  • According to some of his quotes, Marco appears to be a former athlete or a boxer. This is also proven by his fast recovery rate and ability to break grabs when his health is still on green areas.

Players (Peter Clemenza Hit 5):

Marco Cuneo - Marco Cuneo is well aware of how the public's impressions of organized crime can be swayed. Being an approachable "everyman", but a ruthless player behind the scenes, has worked for Marco. Until now...

Hit detail

Marco is the last hit target in chronological order and arguably the most powerful opponent you'll face in the game. He was also the reason of Cuneo's oddness, as he was the only hit Underboss who employed Associate guards under him. While his bodyguard army was not as large as Fabbri's, his guards were not to be underestimated as they were the most aggressive as well the toughest guards in the game. Marco himself was insanely strong, his AI was equal to a rival Don added with the ability to fight back. Worse, Marco was impervious to grabs and his recovery rate is faster than the Scaleri brothers until his health started to reach the red areas and still be able to fight back even at low health. He was strong enough to endure a point blank non-headshot shotgun blast which can be used to your advantage to shoot him until his health dropped to a level where he can finally be dragged and throw him off the ledge to complete the bonus. Whether he is shot or not, the bullet holes in his body won't be seen and his death will still be labelled an accident.

Extra tips: Payoff the police to avoid any heat coming to you but try not to drag the police into the fight since they will help you gun down Marco. So much for being seen as a "legitimate businessman" and having friends in the justice system.

Notes and references

  1. The Clemenza Hits are available after Aldo is made, which is in 1948 and onwards.
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