Mangano Crime Family
Crest of Mangano family
In: Sicily
Founded by: Samuele Mangano
Years active: 1931-1959
Territory: Miami, Havana, unknown territory in Sicily
Ethnicity: Sicilian
Criminal activities: Racketeering, contract killing, illegal gambling, drug trafficking, gun smuggling, extortion, chop shops, vehicle shipping, corruption
Allies: Tattaglia, Roth, Trapani (formerly), Corleone (formerly)
Rivals: Granados, Trapani, Almeida, Corleone, Rosato crime families

The Mangano crime family were led and founded by Samuele Mangano in Sicily, an old-time Sicilian who moved to America in order to expand his business empire. Samuele Mangano was respected by Michael Corleone and Hyman Roth and was at Roth's birthday party in Havana, where he got control over the Sevilla Biltmore after Roths death, but was forced to flee when Fidel Castro took power. Their family color is cyan or light blue.

Following the revolution, Mangano entered a deal with Dominic, who allowed him to open a warehouse in Miami, to ship cars back to Sicily. However, Hyman Roth later prepared an attack on Dominic, knowing he will blame Manganos, which sparked off a mob war. Even after Roth's treachery was discovered, the Trapanis had no choice but to continue the war. Eventually the Manganos were eliminated when Dominic and his made men destroyed their compound.


Behind the Scenes Edit

  • The "Sit-Down" with Mangano will show the entirety of the Mangano family including dead members
  • The Mangano family is the second most powerful family in the Godfather part 2 game
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