"In this town, good deeds are always punished."
―Abbot Manfredi[src]

Abbot Manfredi was a Franciscan monk and associate of Salvatore Giuliano.


Born in Corleone, Sicily, Manfredi became an Abbot at the local monastery and was close friends with Gaspare Pisciotta. For this reason, Pisciotta brought Giuliano to Manfredi to recuperate after he had been injured in a shoot with local carabinieri. Later, he helped Giuliano with the transferal of the ransom of the Prince and presided over his wedding to Justina Ferra.

He was also the father of Stefano Andolini, and managed to save his life as a favour owed to him by Giuliano.

Personality and traits

"Have you ever had a bullet hit you?"
"I'm a Franciscan, not a Jesuit.
Salvatore Giuliano and Abbot Manfredi[src]

A good-humoured, sensible and rational man, Manfredi was aware that he could gain a reward for turning in the injured Giuliano, but was also astute enough to realize the friendship he would receive for concealing him might be worth considerably more.

Behind the scenes

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