"They won't recognise you when I'm through with you!"
"What are you talking about?
Aldo Trapani and Luigi Fusco[src]

Luigi Fusco was a smooth talking, savvy 'safety-valve' caporegime in the Tattaglia family.


Luigi Fusco was known to be particularly smart, running a drugs operation by using women to smuggle the goods and bring them back to him directly. This way, none of the Tattaglias could be implicated in narcotics. However, Fusco was known to often violate these couriers, putting him at odds with members of the other Families.

Fusco faces his assassin.

In 1949, Fusco was flushed out and beaten to death with a lead pipe wielded by Aldo Trapani, who was working under the orders of Rocco Lampone, who was known to have a bitter personal vendetta against Fusco. The female courier who was with Fusco was sent on her way after pleading with Aldo to spare her life.

Players (Rocco Lampone Hit 1):

Rocco Lampone - Rocco meets you after you complete Mission: "Sonny's War." Talk to him to activate the first hit. After this, all future rendezvous occasions take place in front of a craftsman-style house. Talk to Rocco on the front lawn.

Luigi Fusco - A sleazy, smarmy fellow with a penchant for fanciful clothing, Fusco may find young girls an easy target, but this pervert won't last long once he faces you down. Make sure his death and his plans for human trafficking are a pipe dream.

Tattaglia Courier - Fusco's smooth talking allows him to drag defenseless "good-time girls" off the streets or bars and into dark alleys. Make sure this victim doesn't talk.

Behind the scenes

  • He was voiced by Joe Paulino.
  • Fusco only appears in the expanded editions of the game, where his character model is identical to that of Oscar Zavarelle in the original version.

Notes and references

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