Luigi Battaglia
Biographical Information
Aliases Hooks
Gender Male
Born 1900
Died Unknown
Affiliation Luca Brasi's gang
Title(s) Associate

Luigi "Hooks" Battaglia was a second-in-command of Luca Brasi's gang and one of associates of Corleone family .


Known by everyone as "Hooks", even in his youth, Battaglia was taken by Luca Brasi to become his second-in-command at the age of fourteen, though he still feared Brasi immensely. Despite being one of Luca's gang, he also had a tremendous respect for Vito Corleone, and was insulted when his compatriot, Vinnie Vaccarelli, tried to frisk Vito during a meeting.

Battaglia was the one who reported Brasi to the police after Brasi had Filomena dispose of the baby in the furnace. Battaglia with persuasion from Vito Corleone recanted his statement in order to allow the charges of murder to be dropped. Battaglia refused to work with Brasi following the death of Brasi's son and disappeared taking a large sum of Brasi's cash. Clemenza located Battalia years later and discussed telling Brasi with Vito. Vito told Clemenza that Brasi must not find out about Battaglia.

Luigi Battaglia moved to a small town in Western Virginia following Brasi's arrest, Battaglia opened a restaurant with the money he stole from Brasi and later married an American girl referred to as a 'hick' by Clemenza.

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