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Lucy Mancini
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Born 1923
Affiliation Corleone family
Title(s) Hotel employee
Sonny's Comare
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Jeannie Linero

Lucy Mancini was Connie Corleone's bridesmaid of honour and mother of Vincent.


Daughter of Jimmy Mancini, a lifelong soldato of Vito Corleone, Lucy was one of the childhood friends of Vito's children, particularly his daughter, Connie. She was the maid of honor at Connie's wedding. Lucy had sex with Sonny at the wedding, and had a brief extramarital affair with him, resulting in the birth of Vincent Mancini, who would later become the Don. The family often used her apartment in Midtown as a safehouse.

Moving onEdit

After Sonny's death, Lucy was sent to Las Vegas by Vito's consigliere, Tom Hagen, following a failed overdose. There she was given a small interest (five and later ten "points") in one of the family's hotels, primarily so that she could keep an eye on Fredo Corleone, who was learning the hotel business from Moe Greene. She also served as a shareholder-of-record who has no criminal record of her own.

Eventually, she established a whole new life for herself in Las Vegas with her newborn son Vincent, and became largely independent of the Corleone clan. She was very lonely, however, and occasionally pined for Sonny: while she did not love him or even really know him, she missed him as a lover, and couldn't achieve sexual satisfaction with anyone else. That changed when she met a surgeon, Jules Segal, who explained that her difficulty in reaching orgasm was caused by a loose vagina — which commonly results from multiple childbirths but in Lucy's case was apparently congenital — and could be fixed with simple vaginal surgery. After a colleague in Los Angeles performs the operation, Lucy was finally able to enjoy sex with Jules and he proposed to her that very night.

After NevadaEdit


Lucy Mancini at the party for Michael Corleone.

However, Lucy's happy life was shattered when Segal was killed several years later under orders from Michael Corleone, who suspected he had a hand in Kay's abortion. Following this, Lucy was believed to have moved back to New York with Vincent.

She appeared at the party celebrating Michael's papal honor and introduced her son to the Don.