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Luca's assassin was a hitman for the Tattaglia family.


A close associate of Bruno Tattaglia, he was assigned with the difficult task of murdering Luca Brasi during his secret meeting with Tattaglia and Virgil Sollozzo at Bruno Tattaglia's nightclub. After this, he was later tracked down and killed for murdering Luca.

In the video game

The assassin in the game.

"You're gonna die... worse than Luca..."
―Tattaglia assassin to Aldo Trapani[src]

In the video game, after he garrotes Brasi, he spots his protege, Aldo Trapani, spying at the meeting place in The Luna Bar from the window. He alerts the others about his position and Aldo is shot at by Sollozzo and Bruno.

After a brief firefight, the assassin is killed by Trapani, thus avenging his mentor. In the video game, he also has different names each time you play this particular mission.

Behind the scenes

Luca Brasi gets whacked.

The garroting of Luca Brasi is inspired by the assassination attempt on Larry Gallo, who was garroted during a meeting, but narrowly survived due to the intervention of a policeman.[1]

In the film, he is played by Norm Bacchiocchi. In the video game he is voiced by Rod Gnapp.

Notes and references

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