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"It's perfect for us. A small family place, good food. Everyone minds his business. Perfect. They've got an old-fashioned toilet. You know, the box and the chain thing. We might be able to tape the gun behind it."
―Salvatore Tessio[src]

Louis Restaurant was a small restaurant located in The Bronx, New York. It was owned by the Bocchicchio clan and was a popular place for sit-downs, due to its relative neutrality.

Michael Corleone held conference with Virgil Sollozzo and Captain McCluskey in early 1946. Michael asked to be excused in order to go to the lavatory, where he picked up a small untraceable gun, placed there earlier by one of Peter Clemenza's men. Upon his return, Michael shot Sollozzo and McCluskey, dropped the gun and made a hasty escape. This led to the outbreak of the Five Families War.

Video game

In the The Godfather: The Game, the restaurant is owned by Louis Bocchicchio and is located in Midtown. Aldo Trapani plants the gun in the lavatory before the meeting between Michael and Sollozzo. A short while after the shooting, Aldo Trapani takes control of the restaurant after Louis Bocchicchio gives it up without resistance.


This is a Barzini-owned eatery, but it's seen in many Mafioso circles as a safe enough establishment for a sit-down meeting, thanks to a heavy police presence (the cop shop is just up the street). An assassin nicknamed "The Turk" is said to favor this place, along with a crooked police captain named McCluskey.

Behind the scenes

  • Louis Restaurant was in reality filmed at the Old Luna Restaurant, on White Plains Road near Gun Hill Road in The Bronx.[1]
  • In original The Godfather novel the restaurant is named the Luna Azure.


Notes and references

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