"It's an tremendous honour to work with Corleones."
―Louis Bocchicchio[src]

Louis Bocchicchio was the owner of Louis Restaurant and a founder and first don of the Bocchicchio clan.


Louis, like his cousin Felix decided to take the legitimate life when he moved to the United States, as opposed to the Bocchicchio clan business as hostages or a position in the waste removal business. His restaurant was controlled by the he and his Bocchicchios in the early 1930s but by the following decade most of the family were being used as hostages and Louis's restaurant hardly had any protection and his family was taked by The Barzini family. The Barzini family who controlled the majority of Midtown, saw this as an opportunity to gain another business, and offered Louis protection and armed guards in exchange for a cut of the business. Although initially reluctant to let the business leave family hands, Louis agreed.

In the mid-forties, Louis' restaurant became notorious for such events as the slayings of known narcotics dealer Virgil Sollozzo and Police Captain Mark McCluskey in 1947 by Michael Corleone. Shortly afterwards, Aldo Trapani negotiated the takeover of the restaurant, which went unavenged due to the peaceful relationship between the Bocchicchios and the Corleone family.

Behind the scenes

  • He was voiced by Serge Houde.
  • He shares the almost the same character model as Nicky Corleone, only that Nicky's hair is blonde while Louis's are black.
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