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"Don't talk to me, I'm trying to get something going here..."
―Little Italy Police Chief[src]

This man was the chief of police in Little Italy at the time of the Five Families War.


"What do I look like, a five and dime? Why should I do you any favours?"
―Little Italy Police Chief[src]

A short-tempered man, and also a smoker who was good with women, the chief was known to be susceptible to bribes, which not only allowed the Families to conduct business unopposed, but also allowed corruption to flourish in his department, with officers such as Mark McCluskey, Joe Galtosino, Chris Ferriera, Charlie, Ollie, Stanley being notorious examples.


The chief at Harry's bar.

The Corleone crime family managed to maintain control of the chief in 1945 when, after a fight with his wife, he killed her and had her buried in the cemetary of St. Patrick's Old Cathedral. Aldo Trapani learnt this information from a prostitute at Sammy's before gaining evidence from the Old St Pat's Gravedigger and had the chief lend free police protection to the Corleones.

He was also known to frequent Harry's Bar, and it was here that Trapani paid him his dues from the Don at a retirement party.

Fall from power and Death

In 1954, the Barzini family had lost strength following the death of their caporegime Big Bobby Toro, and required police assistance to stay afloat. The Chief was in the middle of making a deal with the other caporegime, Pietro Testa, when Aldo Trapani assassinated the mobster, causing a firefight that eliminated both police and Barzinis alike.

He was replaced by John Phillips, an old friend of the Corleones.

Behind the scenes

He was voiced by Gavin Hammon.

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