"My family will live together, or we will die together."
―Lia Vazzi[src]

Lia Vazzi was an Enforcer in the Clericuzio crime family.


Born in Sicily, Vazzi came over to American when he was 30 years old, becoming close friends with Cross De Lena. This came after Cross's father Pippi helped him hide out in the Sierras with his family following the assassination of an Italian official who had vowed to crack down on the Mafia, and a subsequent police manhunt, as a favor to Mayor Tonarini.[1] This led to Lia becoming Cross' most loyal enforcer, as well as a close personal friend, confiding in him his plans to marry Athena Aquitane, plans which Lia wholeheartedly approved of. To this end he helped Cross by killing Athena's brutal husband Boz Skannet, arranging a car accident which resulted in his decapitation.

He also killed Jim Losey and assisted in the murder of Dante Clericuzio, burning down the villa in which the two men were killed and dumping the bodies in the ocean.[1]

Return to America

"These hands, they are no longer meant for anything but to kill. I am only a machine now, my heart, my soul, my life, I lost on the steps of San Girolamo."
―Lia Vazzi[src]

Lia Vazzi cradles his daughter's body.

Whilst working in Siracusa, his wife and children were murdered as he was on his way to attend his daughter's communion. Distraught, he returned to America to join Cross, who had succeeded his father as head of the family.[2]

Eventually, the Clericuzios began to suspect Frankie Lips as having knowledge about the Vazzi murders and interrogated him. The first interrogation proved inconclusive, with Billy De Angelo claiming that Don Borgetto was involved, leading to Vazzi's murdering of Paulie Borgetto, a civilian, not knowing De Angelo was behind the murder of his family and was plotting against the Clericuzios. When Frankie Lips was arrested for murder and planned to turn state evidence, Vazzi infiltrated the prison and interrogated him as to identity of his employer, before hanging him from his secure cell. Vazzi would later kill De Angelo himself after he and all of his associates were killed under the orders of Cross.

Around this time, Josie Cirolia, an FBI Agent, was investigating the Clericuzios, and found a nuns habit in Vazzi's wardrobe, with the knowledge that someone dressed as a nun had shot Paulie Borgetto. Cirolia was discovered and Cross feign to let her go, but Vazzi later garroted her in the car.

Personality and traits

Lia Vazzi with his family.

"He is the ultimate qualificado. An expert in explosives, he knows the rope, the knife and gun of course, he speak and read English; he never talks, but he has the gift to loosen tongues."
―Mayor Tonarini[src]

A ruthlessly effective enforcer, Vazzi was very much an assassin in the old Sicilian style, which sometimes meant he had to be reminded of how matters worked differently in America (for example, that he could not simply kill a law enforcement officer such as Jim Losey.)

Behind the scenes

He was portrayed in both The Last Don and The Last Don II by Conrad Dunn.

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