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"What's with you Stracci's anyway?"
"Better than being a lonely goatherder in Sicily.
Aldo Trapani and Leon Grossi[src]

Leon Grossi was a one of three caporegimes in the Stracci family, the others being Oscar Zavarelle and Michael Costa.


A Northern Italian, Leon Grossi was known for his savvy in matters of business and finance. He gained his money from the Stracci family's explosive racket that was run through his soldato, Kyle Bellini.

However, in 1946, Grossi's explosives business began to fail due to the death of one of his explosives transporters, Plinio Ottaviano. After this he fled to Scotty's Biscotti in Hell's Kitchen. Here, Grossi was ambushed and thrown into the oven by enforcer Aldo Trapani, burning Grossi alive.

Hit Detail

Leon Grossi's hit is actually not as difficult as the other Stracci as all you need to do is to grab him and swing him inside the bakery's oven. However, his Magnum and high health makes him troublesome not to mention the bakery's small space and lack of cover area from your point of entry. The best thing to do is to immediately shoot his leg to cripple him down and surprisingly Leon has small recovery rate and resistance to grabs.

Players (Trojan Hit 2):

Leon Grossi - Leon Grossi is a slightly panicked Stracci capo attempting to smooth over the transactions with buyers after you destroyed his colleague Plinio's explosives empire.

Difference between versions

In the original version of the game Grossi is encountered in Trapani's Bakery, but in all other versions he meets his end in Scotty's Biscotti.