"Zasa! You son of a bitch!"
―Leo Cuneo[src]

Ottilio "Leo" Cuneo was the Don of the Cuneo family from 1955 to 1979.


Leo at the Atlantic City Massacre.

A relative of Carmine, Leo Cuneo became boss of the Cuneo family after Carmine was killed by Corleone family assassin Willie Cicci. Leo maintained a good business relationship with the Corleone family, providing them with the location of family enemy Fabrizio and buying large shares of their casinos in Nevada[2][3]. He was present at the Commission meeting in Atlantic City, where, shortly after receiving his shares with interest of 50 million dollars, he was gunned down by Joey Zasa's assassins[1].

Behind the scenes

  • Although his relationship to Carmine Cuneo of the first film is not officially explained, it is reasonable to believe that he was Carmine's son or nephew and inherited the family business after Carmine's death.
  • Leo Cuneo's name came from Ottilio "Leo the Milkman" Cuneo, which was the name of Carmine Cuneo in The Godfather novel.
  • In an earlier draft of the screenplay, the disaster at the Commission meeting was a tip-off, not a massacre, and Cuneo was caught trying to escape, his lucky coat snagged on a tree.
  • Leo was played by Al Ruscio.

Notes and references

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