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"I had nothing to do with it! Honest!."
―Lenny Fortunato[src]

Leonardo "Lenny" Fortunato was the son of Patsy Fortunato, a cousin to the Clericuzio crime family don, Domenico Clericuzio.


Lenny was described as being "A Good Kid", in his youth, and he was loved by his other, and his sister, Della Fortunato, nothing much is known about him, however, after the death of Don Domenico, he affiliated himself with Clericuzio Caporegime, Billy De Angelo, not knowing that Billy's plan was to take over the Clericuzio family, he started running aarons for him, to the surprise of his mother. After Cross, and Giorgio planned out Billy's execution.

Giorgio told he he should pay Lenny a visit, when he arrived, he found out he had been working with Billy, and reminded him of the cost of betrayal. Lenny told him he didn't do anything harmful to anyone, Giorgio told him that he was disappointed that Lenny betrayed the family, and he didn't tell his mother and sister, who he went on to marry not long after.

Personality and traits

Lenny was known to for his kindness, and he meant well to everyone, but he became increasingly scared after he started working for De Angelo, and, although he wasn't killed, he was considered a dissapointment, for betraying the family.


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