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"Goodnight sweetheart."
Paulie Gatto to Kevin Moonan[src]

Kevin Moonan was the son of an American politician, and former boyfriend of Maria Bonasera.


A student of a New York City college, he dated Maria Bonasera in 1945. One night, he made her drink whiskey, and, together with his friend Jerry Wagner, attempted to rape her. This failed, and they beat her, leaving her badly bruised and scarred.

The court ruled suspended sentence to Moonan and Wagner, so Bonasera went to Don Corleone for justice. The Don sent Paulie Gatto, Nick Geraci and another man who brutally beat Wagner and Moonan, which left them in hospital for months and forced them to undergo plastic surgery.

In the video game

In the video game, Aldo Trapani and Marty Malone are the ones who accompany Paulie Gatto to beat Moonan and Wagner. Wagner can be allowed to run away, leaving Moonan to be beaten by Aldo and then thrown into a freshly dug grave before being knocked out by Paulie with a shovel, both men needed medical care for the next few months and were not seen around Little Italy for 2-3 years.

Behind the scenes

  • In the game, Kevin Moonan was voiced by Adam Harrington, but his line "We were just having some fun." was provided by Damian King.
  • The book seems to imply it was Wagner who was Maria Bonasera's boyfriend, but in the game it is the other way round.
  • He shares the same model as Freddie Nobile and certain hotel owners, although his outfit is recoloured to red and has a number 5 on it.
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