Kathryn "Kathy" Corleone was the twin sister of Francesca Corleone, older sister of Santino Corleone, Jr. and Frank Corleone, daughter of Sonny Corleone and Sandra Corleone, and half-sister to Vincent Mancini.


From an early age, Kathy was known to have had a close bond with her twin sister Francesca, and many times they used to wonder whether they had been confused at birth. She became somewhat of a Bohemian following the death of her father in 1946, and moved to study at Barnard College. Kathy was the more intellectual of the two sisters. Kathy was present at Anthony Corleone's first communion, where she saw her sister gain Michael Corleone's blessing to marry.

Career and later life

Kathy was the one who told her sister about the darker side of the family business, which she had heard about from her aunt Connie. She eventually gained her doctorate and was married some time after, becoming Doctor Kathryn Pietralunga.

Both sisters were later present at the 1979 ceremony to celebrate Michael Corleone receiving the order of Saint Sebastian.

Behind the scenes

  • In draft scripts for The Godfather Part III, Sonny's twin daughters were called Rosary and Anne Marie Corleone.
  • Despite being adults in The Godfather Part II and The Godfather Part III, Kathy and Francesca wear the matching clothing at Anthony's first communion celebration and Michael's party after receiving papal honors.
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