"I make a good living. I do a job that has to be done."
―Jules Segal[src]

Jules Segal was a surgeon who worked in Las Vegas, specialising in abortions.


Dr. Segal had begun a brilliant career at a university hospital on the East Coast but had gotten blacklisted for performing abortions. He then found work at one of the Corleone hotels for several years, among other things doing abortions on several showgirls impregnated by Fredo Corleone.

In 1950, Lucy Mancini moved out to Vegas following the death of Sonny Corleone and Jules began to date her. He discovered that she had a loose vagina and corrected it with surgery, performed by his friend and associate Frederick Kellner. After the surgery, Jules proposed and the two were married.

A few years later, Jules was made the head of a special hospital in Vegas by Michael Corleone who Dr. Segal had referred to a maxillofacial surgeon who repaired the facial bones that had been broken by the late Captain McCluskey. The same surgeon operated on Johnny Fontane's vocal cords, removing small tumors that turn out to be benign, and restores his lost singing voice, allowing him to resume his singing career, which he had assumed was over.

Michael later had him assassinated after suspecting Segal had assisted his wife Kay in aborting their baby.

Personality and traits

A light-hearted man with an informal attitude to his job, but a consumate professional despite this, Segal was dismissive of Hollywood doctors such as James Tucker who he considered to be more "style over subtance".

Behind the scenes

Jules Segal is most likely named after American writer Jules Siegel, who was a good friend of Mario Puzo.

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