Jones Beach Causeway.

The Jones Beach Causeway is a state parkway where a tollbooth was located in Long Island, New York. It is notorious for being the spot where Sonny Corleone was murdered by assassins of the Barzini family.

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Sonny's death.

  • According to maps of roads in the area at during the 1940s and 1950s, Mario Puzo likely confused the Jones Beach Causeway with the Loop Parkway when writing The Godfather.[1] The tollbooths there were considered the "actual" murder site until they were removed in 1978.
  • According to The Annotated Godfather, the scene of Sonny's demise was filmed at the Floyd Bennett airfield in Brooklyn.[2] However, according to, which looked at aerial images and firsthand accounts, Sonny's death was filmed at a different airfield, the Mitchel Field in Mineola, Long Island.[3][1][4] 
  • Today, the Jones Beach Causeway is known as the Wantagh Parkway.

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