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"Sorry Johnny, it's just business... Give it to him."
Emilio Barzini[src]

Jonathan "Johnny" Trapani was a soldato of the Corleone family and son of a maternal uncle of Vito Corleone.


Johnny and Serafina Trapani.

Johnny Trapani was a resident of Little Italy and a made member under Peter Clemenza in the Corleone family from 1920 to 1936. He married Serafina in 1918, with whom he had a son, Aldo, in 1924.

Johnny was known to be incredibly loyal to Don Vito Corleone and was highly favoured by him. The friendship lead to Johnny's family business, Trapani's Bakery, becoming very successful. He was also seen as a pillar of Little Italy's community. His eldest brother Antonio, was also involved with the family, but after Johnny's death, he defected to the Cuneos.


Johnny fighting off Barzinis goons before his demise.

This position led to Johnny's death however, when he was brutally murdered by Emilio Barzini's men Pietro Testa and a Barzini Capo, for his part in sabotaging a number of the Barzini family's operations in 1936.

Whilst picking up Serafina to celebrate a good week of earning at The Continental, his bakery was bombed and Johnny went to look for Aldo who his wife thought was in the alley next to it. He was beaten and dragged into the alley by some Barzini thugs, but was able to kill them.

This would prove to be useless as Don Barzini showed up a little while later and had his men shoot him dead. Aldo arrived at the scene just a little later after his father's death, witnessing Barzini walking away and his father's corpse. Don Corleone consoled him and promised he would get his revenge.

Vito made sure that the Trapanis were looked after, but the event led to his wife Serafina's steady decline and the straying of his son from the track of the law. However, Aldo was brought in to work for Luca Brasi, and eventually became one of Don Corleone's most trusted men.

His bakery was sold to the Stracci family, who gave it to Mamma Scarponi. In 1945 it was re-acquired for the Corleones by Aldo Trapani, now under the tutelage of Luca Brasi. Aldo would later on avenge his father's death by killing Don Emilio Barzini.

Behind the scenes

  • He was voiced by Gavin Hammon.
  • If the player accesses a section in the pause menu during the short time playing as Johnny, you can see that Johnny is a soldier in the Corleone family, not an associate. The player can also see that all of the fronts and neighbourhoods are controlled by Corleones. This does not occur in the original edition of the game however.

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