Johnny Mussolini
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Barzini
Title(s) Associate
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Callum Grant (voice)
"Sure thing mac. Just let me do my business and we'll both profit."
―Johnny Mussolini[src]

Johnny Mussolini was an associate of the Barzini family.


A cruel, vicious individual, Mussolini served in Big Bobby Toro's regime, under Sonny-Boy Granzella. He gained notoriety among the family for being the one to crack the infamously tough Jimmy Vitales and continue the family's exotic cars racket in the backroom at Cafe Vitales.

Mussolini was eventually forced out of this venture following a tense confrontation with Aldo Trapani in 1946.

Personality and traitsEdit

A tough enforcer and hustlers, he had been described as being tough and mean as a three legged dog.

Behind the scenesEdit


  • In the original version of the game, he does not sport a moustache.
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