John Villone was the head of the Chicago Outfit after Louie Russo.


John Villone was a good friend of Louie Russo, even after Russo froze him out of important family business over some dispute concerning a woman. He had overseen the interests of the Outfit in Nevada. In 1961, Villone succeeded Russo as boss of the Outfit.

Villone, unlike his predecessor, was an ally of the Corleone family. However, he was unaware that his allies were the ones responsible for Russo's death. He was later succeeded by Albert Volpe.

Personality and traits

John Villone was a "man with a belly" from the old Sicilian tradition, connoting both power and courage as well as literal corpulence. In his younger days he often wore shiny, clownish clothes. Though in his later years he dressed much more conservatively. Still, Villone was the kind of man everybody liked and wanted to be around.

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