Queicon There are two conflicting canon sources for this article, from The Family Corleone and The Godfather Returns.
Joey Daniello
Biographical Information
Aliases Joey the Gyp
Gender Male
Died 1933
Affiliation Chicago Outfit
Title(s) Soldato

Joey Daniello was a member of the Chicago Outfit during the Olive Oil War.


Also known as "Joey the Gyp" due to his background, he became a soldato under Frank Nitti in the 1920s. He helped Giuseppe Mariposa in the Olive Oil Wars, being dispatched by Al Capone to deal with Vito Corleone. However he was set up and kidnapped by Luca Brasi, who killed Benny Amato, planning to leave Daniello alive. However, the assassin died choking on a towel that had been used to gag him.

Personality and traitsEdit

Unassuming in his appearance, he was described as not one to be messed with, "a lunatic" by Benny Amato.

Behind the scenesEdit

In The Family Corleone, he is the second man to be sent by Capone. However, in The Godfather Returns, this role is filled by Willie Russo.

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