"Your father, my father, everything's a war to them. We're young, we can work things out."
―Jimmy Santadio[src]

Jimmy Santadio was one of the six sons of Don Santadio.


Jimmy grew up a normal boy and took little interest in family affairs. During his twenties he began to work for Alfred Gronevelt, gaining half of the Xanadu Hotel. It was during this time that he fell in love with Rose Marie Clericuzio, daughter of his father's hated enemy.

War and Peace

Jimmy and his beloved Rose Marie.

In order to gain Don Domenico's blessing for the marriage, Jimmy sought to end the bitter war between Domenico and his own father. To this end he met with Silvio Clericuzio, who promised to help him win the Don's approval. Unfortunately, Italo and Fonsa Santadio, Jimmy's brothers, believed that Silvio was attempting to kill Jimmy, and gunned him down. Deeply apologetic, Jimmy went to Clericuzio to beg his forgiveness and his approval for Rose Marie's hand in marriage. At this time, Rose Marie fell pregnant.


Don Domenico appeared to agree, on the terms that none of hisown family would be present at the wedding save for his nephew Joseph De Lena, who gave Rose Marie away. During the wedding at the Santadio compound, De Lena and the Clericuzio brothers killed the entire Santadio family, including Jimmy, who was garroted as a mark of respect, as not to leave a mark on his body.


After the murder Rose Marie gave birth to a son Dante, before falling into madness. Dante eventually discovered his father's fate and killed Joseph De Lena, before being killed in turn by Joseph's son Cross.

Behind the scenes

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