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Jimmy Mancini
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born ca. 1900[1]
Affiliation Corleone family
Title(s) Soldato

Jimmy Mancini was a longtime member in Peter Clemenza's regime.


Working with colleagues Al Hats and Richie Gatto, the Clemenza regime was activated during the Olive Oil War with Giuseppe Mariposa. When Richie Gatto was killed and Vito Corleone was wounded by a gang of Irishmen, Clemenza had Mancini and Al Hats pick up Corr Gibson and take him to be killed.

He had one daughter, Lucy who went on to become Sonny Corleones mistress.


Little is known about Jimmy Mancini following the olive oil wars, as he does not appear during the five families war it is presumed he was killed before the events of the Godfather novel.

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