"I'm here. You were right, it was Malone. There's a dead FBI agent here and he pulled the trigger."
―Jimmy DeNunzio to Michael Corleone[src]

Jimmy DeNunzio was a trusted and loyal soldato in the Peter Clemenza's regime in Corleone family, who tended to work behind the scenes on operations of importance.


Jimmy confronts Monk.

"Jeez, Monk a traitor? I'd never a' guessed..."
―Jimmy DeNunzio[src]

In 1950, he was picked by Michael Corleone to force out a rat in the family who was giving out information. The two suspects were his new caporegime Aldo Trapani and enforcer Marty Malone.

After Malone killed an FBI Agent who had informed for the family, DeNunzio arrived, under the pretense that he had been late and was planning to help the two men out. Monk left angrily, and DeNunzio called Michael, who informed Trapani of the situation and ordered him to eliminate his friend. DeNunzio, still surprised that Malone could have been a traitor, informed Trapani that Malone would be at the Va Va Voom Room. He was last seen at Trapani's initiation as Don at the original Corleone mall.

Possible future

When Aldo Trapani became the Don of New York in 1955, Jimmy became one of his caporegimes and led Tessio's regime in Brooklyn. After Trapani was killed in Cuba in 1959, it is possible that DeNunzio became one of Dominic's men or was killed by the Rosato Brothers. Another possibility for DeNunzio after Aldo's death is that he could have became one of Frank Pentangeli's men in his branch of the family.

Behind the scenes

A character original to The Godfather: The Game, he was voiced by Ralph Peduto.

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