"You're crazy! You're really crazy!"
―Jim Losey[src]
Jim Losey was a detective from Los Angeles.


Jim Losey was a detective from California became a very close ally of Dante Clericuzio. They together discussed a plan, that would make Dante Don of the Clericuzio crime family, and they plotted to kill Cross De Lena, and his wife Athena Aquitane. Losey had become something of a hero cop, and it was suggested that a film would be made about his life.

During the operation, Losey wanted to invite Athena to a local villa, but was reluctantly stopped by her bodyguard. Later on, he went over to meet Dante, but he was garroted by Clericuzio hitman Lia Vazzi.

Personality and traits

Losey shortly before his death.

He would often abuse his title of detective in several occasions, he had several plans and high hopes, and Dante promised him money and fame to an extent, which just fueled his vanity even more. Despite this, his partner Phil Sharkey still regarded him as the bravest cop he had ever met.


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