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Jerry Wagner
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Gavin Hammon (voice)
"Come on baby, we're not gonna hurt ya!"
―Jerry Wagner[src]

Jerry Wagner was a college frat boy who was friends with Kevin Moonan.


Jerry, along with his friend Kevin, brutally beat Maria Bonasera during a rape attempt in 1945. However, because the boys came from wealthy families, they received little more than a slap on the wrist from the courts. Seeking justice for his daughter, Maria's father approached Vito Corleone asking him to kill Wagner and Moonan.

Don Corleone instead instructed Peter Clemenza to find someone who could "teach the punks a lesson" without killing them. Paulie Gatto, Nick Geraci and another associate tracked down Wagner and Moonan as they were outside Bonasera's funeral home harassing Maria. The two boys were then brutally beaten, which left them in hospital for months.

Behind the scenesEdit