"It was just business, business I tell ya."
―Salvatore Tessio[src]

Following the execution of Marty Malone, another more tragic traitor was discovered in the Corleone crime family namely caporegime Salvatore Tessio, who had made a deal with Emilio Barzini in order to keep the families head above water, fearing it was being driven to destruction by Michael Corleone.

Willie Cicci drove Tessio to the Embassy Club, where Michael would have been ambushed and killed, instead sending the treacherous caporegime forward into the ambush. Tessio escaped and was pursued by Aldo Trapani, who eventually cornered him in the bar and executed him ith regret.

Players (Rendezvous 6: Prelude):

Tom Hagen - Tom is soon to leave his post as consigliere, but Michael has a final task for him to perform: to brief you on the status of the target and rendezvous with a new friend of the Family

Salvatore Tessio - Salvatore Tessio thinks he's been driven to a meeting at his Brooklyn hangout, and that Michael will be there. In fact, he's key to the slaying of the final rat in the Corleone nest. Only then will the Family be purged.

Willy Cicci - Although Cicci's demeanor may cause you to think otherwise, he's a team player and a loyal soldier.

Players (It's Only Business):

Willy Cicci - Willy Cicci greets you and informs you of the task at hand, then stays to the club's main corridor to fire on enemies and ensure that Tessio doesn't escape to the street. You're in charge of tracking him, however.

Salvatore Tessio - This once-venerable member of the Corleone Family must be put to rest in his own bar. Ignore his pleadings. As he said of Sonny's murder, it's purely business.

Tom Hagen - Tom Hagen is waiting for you outside the club to tell you Michael Corleone has requested your presence before a scheduled baptism tomorrow.

Behind the scenes

In the original version of the game this mission is followed by Baptism of Fire. In all others it is followed by Royal Flush.

This mission contracts both the film and The Godfather Returns, where Tessio was killed after the heads of the Five Families. Additionally, in Returns, Tessio was killed at a gas station in Staten Island rather than the Embassy Club.

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