"This Red bullshit is a disease. Now suppose Almeida was allowed to spread his propaganda here, where does that lead? Let me tell you. It goes all the way to the top."
―Henry Mitchell[src]

Henry Mitchell was a CIA Agent on the payroll of the Roth syndicate.


A veteran agent of the CIA, Mitchell was in cahoots with Hyman Roth since before the fall of Cuba, and after Castro's rebellion, he contacted Roth who he needed to help him topple the new Communist leader for the US Government. Mitchell arrived in Florida to investigate Alejandro Almeida, and enlisted the assistance of Dominic Corleone in order to topple him, despite the mobster's distrust of him.

Roth framed the Sicilian Mangano family as attempting a hit on his new partner Dominic, sparking off a mob war and forcing Dominic to come to him and Mitchell for assistance. They agreed to help, on the condition that Dominic help them attempt to assassinate Castro.


Mitchell gave Dominic a safehouse in Cuba, and used his connections to rumour Dominic was an American businessman who supported the revolution. He suggested Corleone validate this claim by eliminating several dissident leaders in Havana. However, the attempt on Castro failed, and Mitchell went into hiding, under the protection of Roth's men.

Mitchell was eventually killed during a firefight with Dominic Corleone and his family on a rooftop in Havana.

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