"I am the Mayor of Montelepre, like it or not!"
―Guido Quintana[src]

Don Guido Quintana was the Mafia chieftain as well as the Mayor of the town of Montelepre, in the Province of Palermo, Sicily. He was one of the leading Mafia bosses in Sicily in the 1940s as well as being the most despised.


Quintana had been imprisoned by Mussolini for being a suspected member of the Mafia. The American conquest of the island had resulted in his being released as a victim of fascism, and after the war he was named as Mayor of Montelepre.

Quintana's Rule

Though nominally of Montelepre, Don Quintana had made his reputation by taking over the bloody battleground of the town of Corleone in the late 1940s. He had been forced to do this because Montelepre was directly under the protection of Salvatore Giuliano. But in Corleone, Guido Quintana had found what his murderous heart yearned for. He had settled four family feuds by the simple expedient of wiping out opponents to his decisions. He had murdered Silvio Ferra and other union organizers and was often brought into conflict with the Tommasino clan, who had long controlled Corleone since the days of Don Ciccio. He did not agree with Salvatore Giuliano's actions as they were both breaking the law, and, more importantly, showing him as incompetent.

Quintana had made two unsuccessful attempts to kill Giuliano. He was eventually killed himself by Giuliano and his band on the estate of Prince Ollorto.

Personality and traits

Guido Quintana was described as an extremely ugly man. His appearance was intimidating not from any single feature but from a lifelong habit of presenting a formidable front to the outside world. He was perhaps the only Mafia chief in Sicily who was hated more than he was respected.

Behind the scenes

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