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The Granados crime family was a Mexican crime family in Florida, which was led and founded by Don Rico Granados. They were business associates with Hyman Roth, and Don Rico Granados was present at Roth's birthday party in Havana where he was to receive a portion of Roth's business empire. Don Rico Granados had also been trying to open up relations with Aldo Trapani, with limited success. Granados family color is yellow.

Don Rico Granados

After the demise of Carmine Rosato, Roth called Dominic Corleone from New York to deal with Granados, who had become increasingly bolder and began making stronger moves on territories. The Corleone family eliminated the Granados by whittling down the soldiers and taking over their territories, before blowing up the Granados Compound, killing Don Rico Granados during the raid.


Behind the scenes

  • The Granados crime family is only seen in the second video game.
  • The Granados Family is the third most powerful family in the Godfather 2 Game.
  • The Granados often bomb businesses equally as much as they take over businesses.
  • For some Reason the Granados Let the Tony Rosato take over their businesses instead of attacking Tony rosato Businesses the Granados focus more often on attacking Trapani businesses


  • Family members not aggresive than another family members.
  • There is a 1/100 chance they might spawn in Cuba but very common in Florida and Raid businesses in Cuba
  • They will have bulletproof vest at first but if you want to have their bulletproof vest take over all of their bulletproof vest crime ring
  • They are found protecting a Made Man in New York unless he is PERMANENTLY DEAD